Contact Manager

Easily manage all of your business' customers and contacts in one spot. Each time you transact, customer contact information is stored in your Punchey Live account. View customer spending activity, reviews, and other interactions with a contact profile for each of your clients. Want to bill a contact through Punchey's web terminal? No problem. Just search by name, email or phone number and they’re found in an instant. Who said, big data was just for big business?

Why not expect more
from your card processing.

Is your credit card company hiding your data? Every time a customer pays you with a credit card, they’re sharing valuable information – information that your credit card company isn't sharing with you. Punchey provides a completely transparent platform for you to build your customer database, glean insights and identify trends vital to your company’s success.

Import & Export

Punchey's Contact Manger provides a simple 2 click operation to import and export all of your customer contacts. Want to use a separate program for running an email or marketing campaign or managing your customer data? No Problem.

Big Data – Big Benefit

The data running through your credit card terminal is the most important data your business has. Utilizing advancements in data processing and predictive analytics you can use this information to expand your business and grow revenue. Every time your customer hands you their credit card, they share information vital to your business. Punchey unlocks the value of your payment stream and turns it into a marketing powerhouse.

iMac Punchey Terminal

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your online reputation.

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