Payments shouldn't end transactions.
They should start relationships.

Our Story

Punchey’s mission is to help promote, market and advance the trade between local businesses and consumers. Helping buyers find the right sellers and vice versa. By learning how currency moves, we can help these groups support one another, creating sustainable local markets that keep and create jobs locally and get money (and people) moving ... finding their passions and building to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

why currency, why payments?

[kur-uhn-see, kuhr-]
noun, plural cur·ren·cies.
1. something that is used as a medium of exchange; money.
2. general acceptance; prevalence; vogue.
3. a time or period during which something is widely accepted and circulated.
4. the fact or quality of being widely accepted and circulated from person to person.
5. circulation, as of coin.

We’ve been using currency for over 4000 years to transact. Whether it is rocks, precious metals or paper backed by a nation, currency gives us the ability to make a living doing what we do best while allowing us to trade for the other goods and services we need. Currency allows us to invest in each other; buying each other's products or purchasing each other's stock. In a free market, currency allows us to collectively vote in more of the good, and vote out the bad, getting us to places we never thought possible and making this world a better and better place to be.

Our Values

At Punchey we are driven by a set of core values.

Security, Reliability and Fair Dealings

Without trust a network of buyers and sellers can’t exist. For a market to promote the interests and benefit of its participants it needs to be secure, reliable and stable. We ensure our ecosystem is secure, reliable and fair. Punchey is using the most advanced techniques available today to build a system that protects the good and keeps out the bad.

Local Focus, Global Impact

Local businesses are the essence of our community and make our local economies better. They add vibrance and sustainability while contributing to the environment and ecosystem universally.

Sustainable Profit

Making money does not equal success if that money was not earned fairly. Unfair economic gain does not help. If a business produces goods or services that take more from the whole than they give, it shouldn't exist.

Exchanging value should be easy for all

Accepting electronic forms of payment should be convenient, affordable and universal.

Payments shouldn’t be a dead end

Today’s analog payments mark the end of a transaction. We believe that payments should be more than that. Whether it’s a positive experience to share or a suggestion to provide, payments create a connection and an opportunity to start meaningful customer relationships.

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